Pricing and Custom Inquiries


Fran’s jewelry and beaded items are made by hand. Love, time, materials, sourcing, planning, and good intentions are put into designing and creating each and every piece.

Funky Fran’s is a one-woman show, and although I jokingly call myself a bead factory, I am intentional with my designs and I create in very small batches. With that being said, products are priced using an equation that factors in the cost of materials used and the time required to handcraft each item.

If you are in a financial place to shop, I am so thankful you are choosing to spend with me! I am also so grateful for all forms of support. Sharing Funky Fran’s virtual storefront and my designs on social media and with your friends, fam, and coworkers is a big compliment and means so much.

Pre-loved items are sourced by me. Keeping useable items, especially vintage and unique, pre-loved garments out of landfills is one of my biggest missions. So many clothing items that get discarded have a ton of life left. Slow, sustainable fashion is a MOVEMENT, honey!

I believe in the importance of supporting small businesses, local businesses, and artisans. I hope you do too, and I’m happy you’re here.

Custom Inquiries

Interested in a custom piece? Thank you for choosing Funky Fran’s! I’m excited to explore your ideas. Please use the “Contact” menu option to let me know you are interested and provide as much detail as you can.

If you are working within a budget, please let me know before we get started. I am happy to research and offer options that are accommodating.

Some of my favorite custom orders have been for bridal parties!

As a disclaimer, Funky Fran’s does have the right to decline a custom request.